Growing sustainable profits

How to grow a successful business

How to grow a successful business

Often, businesses test and measure a number of ways which prove to increase their profit, but most of the time they don’t see an effective pattern. There are many setbacks that can stop businesses making as much profit as they deserve, even things that can’t be helped like seasonal changes.

A business that has strong, sustainable profitability is a business that has several plans in place for setbacks they may come across that could potentially jeopardise their overall profit. 


Not having profit sustainability in your business can cause several issues, such as cash flow problems, the lack of ability to invest in the business, not being able to afford new equipment and up to date training for your team, your own income being reduced, sometimes loss of profit, all due to inconsistent profit within the business.


The impact of these potential issues is that the business and its team become de-motivated so staff could move on and work will again be even more difficult for the business owner. The business could lose credibility in the marketplace, lose credit worthiness and ultimately go bust.


The perfect vision of a business with good, sustainable profitability would be to have a structure which defines these areas that directly impact profit. Actions should be put into place that can be measured to ensure continuous growth and improvement in profitability.


SalesENRICHED Classic


Businesses have a great opportunity to improve overall performance through adopting a proven, structured sales approach. SalesENRICHED provided tools that developed through understanding what makes top sales people successful, these are systems proven over many years.

How to grow a successful business


Get to know yourself, your role, your product, your customer and your priorities.
Access proven tools, such as Solution Selling, 5 WAYS, 7 Touches, NEATS, DISC Profiling, SCOTSMAN and many more
Learn about Negotiations, Objection Handling and Presentation Skills
We focus on understanding the buyer and developing outstanding communications skills – listening and asking great questions.

Event Details

SalesENRICHED Classic is designed for all executives looking to improve their communication skills and understanding.

Over 9 years, some of the 800+ SalesENRICHED graduates have included: Engineers, Social Workers, Administrators, Business Owners, Finance Managers, Solicitors, Retail Staff, Recruitment Consultants (and lots more!)

Attendees leave SalesENRICHED with Energy, motivation and the focus to increase sales success, and/or a greater understanding of how the sales process fits within your business.

You will take away tools, techniques and key actions to start working on straight away. Both team and individual exercises are used to support a highly interactive process.

SalesENRICHED is an intensive 2 day training course with all required material, refreshments and lunches provided.

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