Exploding Those Communications Myths

This workshop will be delivered my multi award-winning business coach and Arrivista Founder, Simon Williams.

'Call to Action' Seminars. - A series of themed half-day workshops with a different approach:

  • The topic for each session will be both current and complimentary to the associated Quarterly Planning we run (Breakthrough Day).
  • The event will be open to all Arrivista clients to enhance their coaching and training programmes as well as to the wider business public.
  • Although each session is different there is a consistent format for all.
  • Although we do not see this as a typical networking event i.e. asking for leads, it has traditionally been a great environment for building alliances, something we look to continue to foster.
Exploding Those Communications Myths

Event Benefits:

Better understand others' perspectives which will help to reduce conflict and will improve team dynamics.
Avoiding the ‘pitch’, but still conveying a sense of your knowledge and expertise - why we need to bury the traditional approach to sales.
Gain knowledge to help better interact with others; professionally and personally
Getting the best results from networking
Taking control of communications, and ensuring you cover topics you wish to focus on
Keeping the other person engaged and interested – face to face, over the phone, even via email!

Event Details

You will leave with a set of valuable tools that will improve the effectiveness of your communication with colleagues and customers.

Every customer-facing member of staff within the team should be on this training workshop.

All refreshments and materials are included, as is a light lunch following the workshop. It is advised that you bring along your business cards as there will be some great networking opportunities at lunchtime.

"Very informative, enables you to be very self aware. Good insight into how to read people and use the tools within your business". Bev Burton, Yamazaki Mazak.