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Louise Hewett has been running Hewett Recruitment for over 35 years.

She is an experienced and successful businesswoman; however, she is also aware that you need to keep on learning in order to develop yourself and your business.

It was this desire to continually develop that took her and her colleague Ben Mannion to Arrivista's Breakthrough Day event.

These events involve a group of business leaders meeting in a structured environment that is aimed at sharing knowledge. Arrivista's business coaches provide advice around specific business growth topics and the group interacts and passes on their experiences.

Ben remarked on the event:

The Arrivista team give you a warm welcome and instantly get you engaged as part of the group

In the beginning...

At this particular Breakthrough Day, one of Arrivista's clients were asked to take part. Alex Coppock of Communion Architects presented to the group about his coaching experiences and one specific area really stood out for Louise and Ben.

Alex recounted how he had surveyed his customers to find out why they used him and what they thought of his service. This had proved very revealing to Alex and his business.

At that time Louise was working on defining her companies vision and values with Ben and the rest of the team. Both Louise and Ben agreed that Alex's experience was something they could use themselves.

As Louise said "We realised that we may not be seeing ourselves as our clients and candidates saw us. It could be a case of the 'emperor's new clothes'. So we decided to ask them."

Adding value

Louise and her team then sent out a questionnaire to their clients and candidates. They asked them for their feedback on what was good or bad with the service they received. The feedback they got was very positive. Crucially it re-affirmed their vision and values.  

As Louise said "They used the same words as we did, such as; honest, innovative, knowledgeable and adaptable. This matched our values and so we knew we were on the right track."

The benefit of group coaching sessions

This was a very positive experience for Louise, Ben and the rest of the team and is an approach that they use regularly to understand what works and what doesn't. It is a simple thing but it has been a great help to her business.

It also sums up the sort of benefit that can come from a group coaching event such as Breakthrough Day. 

"You are in the company of other business owners who act as your own Non-Executive team. They provide some great advice and the Arrivista coaches are good at encouraging participation from everyone."

Refining services

Louise not only used the results of the questionnaire to check they were on the right track but her team has used it to refine their services.

They are also in the process of putting the responses onto their website as another way to inspire trust in new clients or candidates. On top of all of this they got some more business from the exercise as clients responded well to being asked what they thought. As Louise said "I think the activity just reminded them what was good about us and why they should use us." 

You should never stop learning & reflecting...

Even though Louise has plenty of experience in business she has found the events extremely useful as a way to refocus her on best practice.

As she said "It's a great reminder about what I should be doing. You know it, but forget and don't put it into action."

Ben has also taken away a number of useful pieces of advice including defining more detailed job specs, developing staff incentives and producing a weekly planner for his time.

Additionally, he has looked at the business in a new light "I realise now that the small things really matter, including office furniture and decor."

Louise also thinks it’s great having access to other business people from other sectors in a supportive and open environment. 


“We all have the same issues, but in different sectors. They provide a fresh way to look at things - so they can help me and I can help them. It’s inspirational!”

A reminder of tried & tested business principles

Louise and Ben have now been to a few of the group events run by Arrivista, including more Breakthrough Days.

Ben summed up the events "The principles discussed during BTD are refreshingly realistic and always give you ideas and concepts that you can go away and apply to your own business."

BTD takes things a step further, with a smaller, more intimate grouping, offering advice on specific issues that are affecting your bottom line right now – it is a great approach."

The whole team have used what they learned to sharpen up processes. As Louise said "We were pretty good before, but Arrivista's events have helped us to enhance our systems and processes so they are now excellent."

In conclusion

Louise has found the group coaching incredibly beneficial for her company. So much so that she is now working with Arrivista to offer special '6 Steps to a better business' seminars to her clients.

Not only will this help her clients, but is a sign of her belief in Arrivista's abilities. 

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