Time management

The key to successful time management

The key to successful time management

Managing time is a challenge for all of us in a busy, competitive world, but are you spending more time working on the business or in the business?

The key to successful time management is planning, but you have to be strict with yourself and allocate yourself the time to plan. Many people put off planning time because of other tasks becoming more important, but unless you use your planning time, your time to spend on improving the business becomes less and less, sometimes non-existent.


Most business owners really struggle with time management. You may feel that you aren’t doing the things you should be because of spending more time on urgent tasks rather than important ones. Or you may find yourself doing jobs that you should and could delegate. You may find that are bogged down with interruptions, distractions and demands from others which would not allow you to focus on those issues which really matter.


This can eat into precious time spent with family and friends, also resulting in you sacrificing other activities you enjoy, such as sports, hobbies etc. It can also directly impact your health, fitness and longevity – stress is a killer. Another impact of poor time management can see you going stale or suffering causing you to burn-out


What if there was a way to appreciate that you cannot make more time and that you need to prioritise and treat this scarcest of all commodities with the respect it deserves; have a proven system that enables you to ‘save a day in 30 minutes’ and fully understand your own personal relationship with time.