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Breakthrough Day

“Brilliant as always, a great learning day, really gets you motivated to implement all the ideas”. Nicky Ayers, Ecl-ips

“Concise, informative, well delivered, strong fluid structure to the day’s presentation. Motivating!” Matthew Britton, Enterprise Electrical Services Ltd

“Very interesting and informative, inspirational for our next steps forward. Thanks!” Shirley Hoare, Tromans Family Eye care

“Excellent – really opened my eyes as to what our next steps need to be – marketing strategy!!” Jason Lane, McCarthy Taylor

“Brilliant Day – I would recommend this to anyone running a business”. Aaron Kernaghan, Ecl-ips.

“A good, and relevant course with a quality audience”. Ian McWalter, MCW Cost Consultancy.

“Very enjoyable day – great company – rare opportunity to review and plan personal and company goals”. Tony Bennett, Coomber Electronic Equipment Ltd

“It was interesting to see just how many ways there are to ‘Trim the Fat’”. Kim Welsh, Sunrise Medical

“Really enjoyable – again lots of learnings – finance is one of my weakest areas”. Val Gardner, Winster Ltd

“Incredibly enjoyable and informative. It gave me great direction into setting goals for my finances”Faye Tonkinson, Relaxing & Beauty Therapy

“Good day with eye opening ideas and a chance to reflect and plan for 2015”. Gary Perkins, Marketing Answers & Solutions

“Informative and refreshing presentation of really important information”. Amy Jennings, Pinfields Accountants

“It was great to hear the views of other business owners”. Carl Murphy, Printed Banners & Signs

“Really enjoyed the day, lots of interesting people. New format works well, focusing in more depth on particular issues i.e. identity. Interesting to hear what different opinions there are on book of the quarter! (I really enjoyed it – going to my praising my kids for the state of their bedrooms!!) Thought the advisory forum was very helpful – for everyone”. Annette Duffy, Enterprise Electrical Services Ltd

“Always a good day with Simon & the team. The sales pipeline is always good to revisit, especially ‘don’t be a victim’. Advisory forum also really good, positive suggestions made”. Jules Adam, WCM&A

“I liked the client learning talks – it was great to hear how others have put this brilliant advice into action on a practical level.” Lucy Timmer, Communion Architects

“A really great day with plenty of learnings shared with like-minded people”. Kaylie Thomas, Ecl-ips

“Good ideas to put in place, I must read more business books as a monthly ongoing activity. I enjoyed seeing live results in 12 months or so from clients and how the 5 Ways was working for them”. Gary Perkins, Marketing Answers & Solutions

“Really enjoyed the day, most of the topics were relevant to my role in the business. I feel a lot more confident talking about our business now! The format of the day was good – interesting to discuss a particular book – makes me read it!” Annette Duffy, Enterprise Electrical Services Ltd

“I was amazed at how open and honest everyone was. I had never experienced such openness amongst business people. We were all telling each other our problems in a safe and helpful environment. It was an inspiration!” Kevin Morris, IFA

“You are in the company of other business owners who act as your own Non-Executive team. They provide some great advice and Simon is good at encouraging participation from everyone. We all have the same issues, but in different sectors. They provide a fresh way to look at things, so they can help me and I can help them. It’s inspirational!” Louise Hewitt, Hewitt Recruitment