Pinfields Accountants

Pinfields Accountants Case Study

Bromsgrove-based Chartered Accountants practice benefits from Business Coaching

Pinfields was founded in 1938 and is currently led by Nick Pinfield.

Nick has been working closely with Arrivista, to grow and diversify the family-run business. Nick was helped to develop a clear vision, manage his time more effectively and build a stronger team. As Nick said:

I’ve used Coaches before, but with Arrivista I get great results


Whilst having business coaching, Nick realised that his vision matched his coach's very closely. They both wanted to develop strong mutually beneficial partnerships with clients and provide services over and above anything their competitors were offering. Nick felt it would benefit his clients tremendously to be exposed to Arrivista’s knowledge and experience. He suggested an event where Pinfield clients would engage with the Arrivista team, who would help them refocus and then plan for future success.

“I wanted to do something to help our clients. I wanted to give something back.”

The half day event was attended by 22 select Pinfield clients. It provided them with the opportunity to stand back from their business and consider best practice advice and techniques that Arrivista presented. Pinfield partners also attended.


“The event was made very interactive, ensuring everyone was involved. It really enabled all of us to get a fresh perspective on our businesses”

The response from Nick’s clients and partners was overwhelming. He received 18 letters of thanks and one client sent a text message the next morning at 6.50am fired up and ready to put into practice what he had learnt. 

My clients thought it was fantastic. It proved that we are not just here to help them once or twice a year. We can be real partners in their businesses

Clearly the event worked for Pinfields. It has cemented their relationships with existing clients and they will be running these events for clients regularly. The Pinfields team, who supported clients on the day, also came away feeling inspired and energised. 

“It’s definitely been successful and the best value for money event we’ve ever held”

Nick continues to have one to one coaching on a regular basis at Arrivista. Pinfields now specialises in not just accountancy, but also in helping business start-ups, business development and consultancy, marketing and I.T. (business computer solutions).

During the coaching sessions, Nick and his coach agree on goals for Nick to put into place and achieve by a certain time – they have created 12 month plans, and a 5 year plan. In April 2013, Nick was reviewing his progress in his one to one coaching session on his 12 month plan, and found he’d actually achieved it in 8 months!