The Benefits of Having A Business Coach

Owning and operating a small business successfully is not easy.  Unfortunately around 66% of new small businesses fail to make it past the first two years!  And barely 39 % make it to 6 years. Out of those only a fraction will reach anything like their full potential.  Why is this?

There are a number of different reasons and it is a combination of:

  • Lack of goals
  • Poor financial planning
  • Poor cash flow
  • Failure to establish market segmentation
  • Lack of knowledge of the competition
  • Ineffective management systems
  • People dependency
  • Burnout of the owner

The business owner needs to be able to spend a reasonable amount of his time working on the business, that is doing the things that will allow the business to grow and be more efficient. 

The reality is usually that the business owner is spending all their time working in the business, servicing the customers, team and suppliers.  As a result they cannot see the wood from the trees and challenges that could be avoided aren't and opportunities are missed.

Over time aims and ambitions are lost and their vision of viable and profitable business disappear to be replaced with the feelings of repetition, frustration and even boredom.

What was exciting and ambitious has become mundane

Your business coach will be your experienced, objective guide to mentor you in growing your business to its highest level of profitability.  He will be your best, unreasonable friend who will tell you how it is, not how you would like it to be.

We will see you once or twice a month to work with you on developing the fundamental areas to increase your business profitability and efficiency. 

We will teach you this knowledge so you can repeat it again and again. 

We operate at the chassis level of business so our business improvement skills, married with your individual business knowledge will ensure strong and sustainable growth.