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Why do I need a business coach?

To provide impartial and practical advice and guidance on how to improve the profitability of your business.  If you are the business owner then there is a good chance you do not have anyone, who understands your business challenges, to talk things through with.

How does it work?

The process will start with a complimentary coaching session where we will look at where your business is now, where you would like it to be and what needs to happen to get it there.  Once that is established we will then look at whether coaching is the right answer and we will invite you to look at whether you think we are the right coaches for you.

If we agree that coaching is the right answer and you would like us to be your coaches then the process of improving your business begins in earnest.  Usually this will start with an alignment where we take a very detailed look at the current business situation.  From this, and from our earlier work we will plot the route forward.

We will then meet either once or twice a month for your coaching sessions.  During these we will review progress to date, decide what needs to happen next and agree actions.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

A consultant will come in and do a job for you (E.g. a new marketing campaign) and then leave you.  Coaching is different, your coach will teach you how to do things yourself so that you can then apply this knowledge again and again.  Another difference is that your coach will hold you accountable and ensure you do the things you say you will do.

What guarantees do you offer?

We can guarantee that we will give you the best advice and tools to achieve your goals.  We cannot guarantee your results as this depends on you doing the things that you say you will do.  

Can you work with my team too?

.  Yes we can and do work with teams at all levels.  We have a number of standard training courses that team members can attend and we often create bespoke team sessions for clients where we address specific challenges and opportunities.

Am I coachable?

Ask yourself three questions.  Am I open minded?  Am I willing to learn new things?  Am I hungry for more?  If the answer to all three is yes then you are coachable.

How much does it cost?

We have a range of products and services to suit almost anyone in business.  These range from half day training courses (£175) to full mentoring programs (£1,195 a month).  Until we have been through the evaluation process we cannot answer that question.  However regardless of the cost, if you cannot see a clear return on your investment then you should not proceed.

Is my business too small?

That's unlikely, at the time of writing our 'smallest' client turns over £6,000 p.a.

What is the ROI?

That depends on what you want from the coaching programme and which areas we focus on.  We have developed a 'coaching ROI scorecard' that we get clients to complete at regular intervals so they can identify the areas where improvements are made and any areas that still need work.

One of the things we will get implemented (if they are not already in place) are financial KPIs so you can track improvements in this area almost immediately.

Will this work in my industry?

You are the expert in your industry, we are not; we don't for example know how to make widgets.  What we are expert at is helping you run your business more efficiently and helping you sell more widgets.

What areas will we cover?

Sales, marketing, team development, customer service, financials, goal setting and planning, systemising the business (becoming more productive).  The order these areas are addressed depends upon your individual needs.

Can I speak to some of your other clients first?

 No! One of the areas we will work on is you!  Developing you as a better person, manager and leader.  One of these key aspects is decision making, we will ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision and then coach you into making one.

How much extra work is involved?

For our mentoring clients we expect them to work on the business (developing the tactics and strategies to grow the business) for 3-4 hours a week.  If lack of time is one of your challenges then we will help you prioritise to free up the time you need.

Why Arrivista?

There are dozens of coaching firms out there so why us?  We are different from the competition.  We keep things simple.  We have been doing this for over eight years and during that time we have successfully worked with over 800 businesses, in all industries and of all sizes.

Our coaching skills and client results have won us multiple awards during this time, we are good at what we do and we love doing it.