Communication skills

Gain vital communication skills needed in business

Gain vital communication skills needed in business

Certain tools can be used in all aspects of communications to achieve ever improving outcomes. Building rapport, credibility and trust with your customers and colleagues through using proven techniques is a certain way to increase sales, profit, and productivity within your business. 


Not having quality Communication Skills can have a huge impact within your business.

Without communication skills, you are often unable to make yourself understood and it is difficult for others (those you know but especially those that you’ve not long met) to see your point of view.


Poor communication skills can mean that it can often be harder to sell, get new leads, close deals and gain new business.

It can also have an impact on recruitment – communication skills are needed in order for you to be able to easily perceive and best understand the other person. All of this often causes the company to be less financially stable than it could be. 


What if;

there was a way to always make the other person see your point of view?

your sales pitch was the one that appeals most to the customer?

your team function as a fully cohesive unit?

your selection process for new recruits was right every time?

Wouldn't that be great!



Communication Skills

Do You Want to make a Positive Impression, Build Relationships and Influence Effectively?

You’ll gain a detailed insight into 2 key and complimentary disciplines which have been developed to help us better interact with others in the work place; DISC Profiling & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) incorporating Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic learning styles (VAK).

Gain vital communication skills needed in business


Gain knowledge to help better interact with others; professionally and personally.
Learn how to communicate in the most effective way.
Increase your customer satisfaction rating and your repeat business.
Learn how to use DISC profiling.
Learn how to sell to anybody.
Communicate with colleagues clearly and positively.

More details

DISC profiling

A personal assessment tool to help us anticipate behaviour, understand how people will respond and help us work on better motivation across the team. It is used to improve your customer service & sales approach; aiding recruitment & selection including effective job matching; team building & taking leadership skills to a new level. Organisations and individuals who use DISC experience improved communication, more effective team dynamics, reduced conflict, more productive sales conversations and higher levels of motivation. 

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Incorporating VAK  (Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic learning styles) - Effective communication is a key building block for all successful businesses. NLP provides an understanding of how and why we all receive and interpret communications differently, and hence enables us to better interact with others. This ensures we achieve better outcomes in problem solving, negotiations, business development and even strategic planning.

Your VAK style guides your learning and how you internally perceive experiences. We’ll identify your relative strengths in V, A & K in order to help your professional interactions. This will even impact the words you use and how you remember information.

This training workshop is designed for everybody within the business. We all communicate every day in various ways, but not always do we communicate to an individual in the most effective way to win them round to our way of thinking.