Customer Retention: World Class Service


Your customers need to receive world class service so that they feel special – so that they feel they belong to your company as a 'group' and feel proud to be buying from you over your competitors.


Customer Retention: World Class Service


After this training your customers will love buying from your business that much they will start doing your selling for you!
You'll take away effective communication skills, efficient problem solving tips, CNE’s and more, all to encourage more repeat business and maximise your opportunities.
You'll gain full confidence knowing that you’re current customers aren’t going anywhere because the service that your business provides from beginning to end is second to none.
Your customers will love spending their money with you as you'll learn how to give them a truly brilliant buying experience, encouraging them to come back and buy more often.

More Details

You need world class service within your business. You want your customer base to healthily grow and one of the most effective ways is through outstanding reputation, so that not only do customers keep doing business with you, but they will also recommend you to their contacts, broadening your client base, encouraging a more profitable business.

To maintain and to grow your customer base, your customers need to love buying from you, which most of the time can be difficult as people don't often love parting with their money, unless of course, they love they buying experience you give them!

Wouldn't it be brilliant to have not just great, but outstanding feedback on a regular basis, having full confidence knowing that you're current customers aren't going anywhere because the service that your business provides from beginning to end is second to none, allowing your customers to enjoy a pleasant buying experience. Even better, having customers that actually do your selling for you, broadening your client base even more & opening up new business opportunities (Raving Fans as Paddi Lund calls them).

This workshop will be full of practical tools and tips, taking you & the rest of the team through an approach where proven strategies will help you develop your customer focus and improve customer loyalty and retention. This is a course that every customer-facing member within the business (at all levels from MD to frontline) should be involved in; after all, within the common goal of most businesses, increased profit and outstanding reputation are key to success and growth, and without world class customer retention, this can't be possible.